Montag, 14. April 2014

Improve your gameplay - become a better player: Part 1

You wont become a better player by copying teams from the top 10 players or trying some cheesy tactics!
You will become a better by learning and understanding game fundamentals. I tried to gather some major mistakes i saw my oppenents do often in order to prevent you from doing these:

Avoid blockrolls:
Dont always let the game do the pathfinding, block rolls can often be avoided! Realise that a simple block roll has a  ~16% chance to skip your turn!
The shortest way to the target cell isnt often the best one.

Srammy's power:
Wow i really cant stress this often enough DO NOT SHOOT Srammy. Many players just dont realise how srammy's power works:
- Krosmaster/Token: be adjacent to him at the moment damage is calculated
  f.e. dont shovel Srammy with Merkator as you wont be adjacant when damage is calculated.
- Bombs: damage is done even if your are not adjacant to Srammy (diagonally)
- Traps: will always do damage as you Srammy need to step on them

Activation order RD / spells:
I have seen so many missplays here. activation order is important to boost your next attack.
Active your boosts always before you cast your damage spell which needs to be boosted.
Common mistake i saw:
1. Usind several damage boosts:
aero boost / aqua boost / sacrier style

2. using his own buff:

Now ALL boosts are gone cause they just effected Button Snap.

3. his spells or equipped weapons will only benefit from the Button Snap

Same goes for all selfbuffs or movement skills. Alot of damage or selfheal with lifesteal can be wasted activating boosts in the wrong order.

GG token:
Never forget about the free GG token, it can cost you the game. If you buy a GG for 10 Kama dont buy the free one as you will just create a GG difference of 1 instead of 2.
Thats literally a dead level 2 Krosmaster or just a level 1 Krosmaster.


Count Frigost / Harebourg / Joris are unfazed DO NOT try to push / move  -AP/MP or lifesteal them.


Every Krosmaster can punch! Remember that spell if you need to surpass immune:

or Joris:

All neutral sources (skills / demonic rewards) surpass immune!

With the reward Lighning your can instagib Joris for just 3 Kama:

Movement via spells:
Number 1 reason to do this: Avoid block rolls remember this rule:

fe. Merkator: Pulverisation
     Captain Anakma: Kickmaster
     Nox: Time Warp
     Goultard: Charge
     Anna Tommy: Assault and Transposition
     and many more...

Number 2 reason get yourself in (a better) position.

- AP and level 1 Krosmaster:
Getting just -1 AP will screw all level 1 Krosmaster. They can just collect kama and buy GG/items in that round.

Demonic Rewards:
Try to plan your game a few turns ahead. Dont just buy RD's you need, think about the possibilites the opponent gets with the RD's.
Can he escape your final blow with the recall potion:

Or get enough AP to finish you? Is your Joris in danger due to Lighning. Can he get enough MP to reach an important krosmaster?
Get into your opponents head: What would you do in his situation?

Do the math:

Think about how much damage could be done:
Base damage of the spell + boost + 0,5 per crit roll - 0,3 per armor roll - resistance



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André hat gesagt…

sehr schön, für alle, die mal über den tellerrand des "einfachen" spiels blicken wollen.
spannend, was für taktisches potential in so nem "bunten" spiel steckt.
einige sachen, bemerkt man erst später. (zu spät)