Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014

DIY - Championship Map 2013 and Ankama Con Map - Part 2

As i received a lot of positive feedback and questions where to buy or how to get the map, i decided to post a little "how-to".

I will post the guide as simple as possible, meaning i will post the minimal steps to get a good looking map (no tweaking with filters etc.). The article would get way to big if i would add the filters and extra tools :)

First of we need our tool:

Gimp (free)

Then we need our source images:

Ankama Con Map

Championship Map 2013


1. Edit file(Ankama Con Map) with Gimp
2. Resize the image (Board size 44x44cm)

Keep in mind that most print shops need some extra borderwidth for cutting ~0.6cm.

3. Export file to the needed filetyp (pdf etc.)

4. Edit file (Championship Map) with Gimp
5. Retangle and Select Playboard

6. Ctrl + V (Copy selected)
7. Shift + Ctrl + v (paste as new image)
8. repeat steps 2 & 3 with the new image

Now you got the source files for your print shop. You could apply way more filters to sharpen the image etc. or adjust the cell sizes of the board more precise.

But as far as i can tell the results from this files already look impressive :)

Hope you liked the How-To.

Happy Mapping


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JanE hat gesagt…

So you do not have the maps images in higher resolution?