Dienstag, 27. Mai 2014

Index of international Krosmaster Sources

Hey Krosmasters,

as i want to grow and connect the Krosmaster Communities all over the world, i decided to create a small index. If you miss a fansite/blog/forum etc. please just leave a comment.


Double Critical (Krosmaster only Blog - English\German)
@Dacow4 (follow me on Twitter)
Tequilas Welt (Partial Krosmaster related - German)
Krosmaster Community Deutschland (Krosmaster Facebook Group - German)
http://www.krosmaster.com/de/forum (Official Krosmaster Forum - German)

Big Bad (Krosmaster only Forum - French\small international section)
Bouton Pression  (Krosmaster only Blog - French)
Krosover (Krosmaster only Blog - French)
Krosmaster Les dés sont jetés (Krosmaster Facebook Group - French)
Krosmaster Fan World  (Krosmaster Facebook - Fansite French)


Krosmaster Arena Italy (Krosmaster Facebook Group - Italian)


Jalatofus (Krosmaster only Forum - Spanish)

English speaking Countries:

Krosmaster Tofu Alliance (Krosmaster Facebook Group - English)
Krosmaster (Krosmaster Facebook official - English)
KA-KS (Dofus/Krosmaster Forum - English) nearly dead atm



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