Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

International Community Event: Design your own Map

The French Community Websites Big Bad (French Forum) and bouton pression (French Blog) created a map design contest together with Ankama.

I (Dacow) was elected as the representatice of German and partial (postwise) the International Community.

For this event Huun created a webbased Map Design Tool: Big Bad Map Design

The ruleset:

- 12x12 tiles
- Maximum 8 bushes, 8 trees, and 4 boxes. Lesser is accepted
- You can use celestial holes (as in ankama convention map.)
- 42 Kamas maximum. Lesser accepted
- 10 starting positions by side.

- One Original Mechanic : Each participant can add an unique mechanism to his map.
- We're searching a map that privilegiates different gamestyle in each orientation.

Please be aware that the map should be competitive and with a high replay value.

Send your Map to this E-Mail:

Add the Mapname and a short description.

Everybody may submit up to two map designs.

The final maps will be elected by an international jury:

1. Thread in the Bigbad Forum (to be announced)
2. German Community (Double-Critical Blog)
3. Italien Communiy (Facebook Group)
4. Spanish Community (Jalatofu Forum)
5. US/UK Community (BoardGameGeek Forum)

8 Maps will get to the finals and the judges there are:

Moo Moo (Game Designer)
Lescart (International Head Judge)
Lakha (Project Chief KMA Online)

The big prize is that the Winner Map will be an official Tournament Map produced by Ankama for Krosmaster Arena Boardgame.

You can start to design and submit your Map now till (approximately) 06.06.2014.

A detailed schedule will follow.




You can post your work in progress map here or see what other id so far:
Big Bad Forum (french forum)

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