Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

Shitstorm: After infromation "leaked" from the Pegasus internal Support Forum

The small but growing German Community is really upset since the following information was leaked yesterday from the Pegasus internal forum.

The leak is still gossip and unconfirmed but an Pegasus employee responsible for krosmaster didn't repudiate the posted facts:

The plan is to BAN statcards in other languages than German from the official Pegasus hosted tournaments. They stated furthermore that this is an decision from Pegasus AND Ankama.

This means Pegasus will force all German and foreign players - who want to participate in official Tournaments to buy Krosmaster from them.

There is a little story ahead - which could also have set the ball rolling:

German Community players travelled to Ankama Con in order to visit the event and to buy displays - a lot of displays.
Of course those displays came with french statcards, so we decided to post the english statcards in our facebook group as word document so people can print them out and play Season 2 with friends and so on.
Pegasus reacted quickly in the group - trying to prohibit the upload. Quote:"We have to keep the copyright of Ankama".

As all statcards were available on the Krosmaster homepage and the krosmaster facebook groups i uploaded the file in the group.

I personally cant believe that Ankama said only German statcards are allowed in Germany...

I want to quote the french tournament rules especially point 36:

French Tournament Rules (France)

Figurines and cards in foreign language are allowed in tournament.
It's recommanded to come with a document with all the power and spell of the figurine in [french].
You have to tell it to the referee team that you have cards in a foreign language.

same goes for the US Rules also point 36:

English Tournament Rules (USA)

NicoOlivera placed 3rd in the Ankama Con Tournament a few weeks ago, he was allowed to play with German cards.

If you bought:
-Frigost Kickstarter from Japanime
-Duel Pack
-Flunch OP Promos
and actual Season 2 Krosmaster

You wont be allowed to use them if you dont rebuy the german version...
Its totally ok to say, in OP in Germany you can only play kromaster available at pegasus.
But it is a NO-GO to ban foreign statcards once the krosmaster is released in Germany.

It would be ok if all krosmaster figurines would be available in Germany at the same time as in other countries.

Some people backed like 500$+ and are now OP-wise screwed.

I hope that the leak is still  work in progress and Pegasus will reconsider this rule.
My personal collection is like 90% foreign statcards.

I will keep you posted


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Anonym hat gesagt…

As this is a major let down for all players who own foreign figurines and their statcards, it would be highly appreciated that PEGASUS reconsider their plans.
After the official of Krosmaster Arena by said company will officially have taken place with the release of the first two season, there will be enough profit to be made in selling their stuff without rebuking the early fans of the game.