Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

Map Contest - Winners elected

After the final 8 maps were submitted the winners were elected by Ankama:

#1 - Plantation (gfx from Ankama)


If you're already here in my explanations, you know that there is only 4 trees and 4 bushes...
Simply, it's because players will be able to plant a few.

Before characters's deployment, each player in the order determinated by initiative must plant two vegetals of his choice (Tree or Bush) on 2 red tiles of their choice.
So, player with the highest initiative will plant either 2 trees, 2 bushes or 1 tree more 1 bush.
Second player will do the same, then the game will happen normally with the deployment of the first player etc...
There is enough left trees and bushes to not limit the choices of both players.
This mechanism adds a layer of strategy to the game, offering to players the possibility to adapt the map according to the oppenent's team.
And this without slowing, or making complicated the tactical part of the game. 

#2 - Brouillard (gfx - from mapbuilder by bigbad)

Mechanism :

Red spots are fog. They block Lign of Sight, but they don't block movement. Something behind the fog is hide like behind a tree. Figurines on a fog spot loose one range (but is not hide, unless a other fog spot is in front on them.
Above everything :
Figurine on a box ignore for Lign of Sight, when using à spell AND be targetted. 

Quote from Ankama Forum:

Congratulations to you all!

Now, what happens to the winning maps? Well, their destiny unfolds in two stages.
The winner (Plantation), you can see just above, will be officially used in tournaments Japan Expo and distributed to participants. Yep! What we honor him in this map!
Then the two maps will be scanned and studied by our game designers to check balance, reworked (graphically and playfully) if necessary, and then be formalized and distributed for tournaments Krosmaster. A map on the front and one on the back: the consecration printed form!

Another big congratulations to everyone who made ​​this possible contest!



Montag, 16. Juni 2014

Team Preview: Buff your Enutrof


my Name is Lalle (Krosmaster online: dklalle).

Today i want to present you a Season 1+2 Team.

I have won an "all Figures allowed" tournament in Germany this weekend with the following team.

So let's start!

The Team:

1x Luk Ylook (2)
1x Henual(2)
2x Diver Birel (3)
2x Moe Lawr (1)

Play Order is:

Henual > Diver Birel > Diver Birel > Luk Ylook > Moe Lawr > Moe Lawr

Henual first to buff the Diver. And Luk after the Diver to push an enemy after debuffing the MP.

Analysis of each Krosmaster:

Henual is one of your most important Krosmaster to buff your Diver Birels. Be careful - he dies fast against most melee-mid range chars. The Air Resistance is useful against most long range chars. Don't try to bring him in attack range. It is important to stay 3 spaces from both Divers. So you can change fast from one Diver to another Diver.

Diver Birel is our dmg and debuff dealer of the Team. He is not really fast with 3 Movement. But he has 10 HP and 6 AP. Both is ok for Lvl 3. You can use the Shovel of Judgment 2 times when Diver is buffed and then you do 4 base dmg and -2 MP. The Living Shovel is nice to block and move enemy chars a litte bit. It is best  to cast it with your fist Diver at your first turn. That way you can push your second Diver with the shovel.
Dodge is nice to have and Farmer can bring you some extra Kama (3-5 per Game).

I dont know what to tell you about Luk Ylook. He is still strong in Season 2. You can push or debuff enemies at mid range and with the debuffs of the rest of this team he is most of the time save in a Range of 3.
Both Resistances are also very strong in Season 2.

He can also collect some Kama at the first Round an the Range of 6 is really high for Lvl 1 Krosmaster.
You can debuff the range of your slowed down enemies. So some Krosmaster can do nothing after this heavy debuffs.
Prospecting is nice and it can bring you f.e. 12 Karma by Killing 4 LvL 1 Krosmasters by 3 times Prospecting in your Team ( 2x Moe 1x Shovel)
I think Prospecting is much stronger then Farmer in most of the Games.


Diver + Henual is a 2 dmg -1 MP spell more

Luk also slows the enemy down and can push them after the  attack of 1-2 Divers out of range.
So with a lot of -MP it will get hard to do something in the next round.

Moe helps by lowering the Range. So that you dont get to much damage at the mid range.


- Nice damage at mid Range
- A lot of debuffs
- HP is ok and 6 Krosmaster is really nice
- Farmer and Prospecting gives you some bonus Karma


- No high range spells
- No high melee damage
- a lot of Water damage
- only 3 MP Krosmaster
- No Portal or fast movement spells
- no really tanky Krosmaster

Constructed Krosmaster Tournament - Season 2 in Kamp-Lintfort

Am 14.06.2014 fand in den Lokalitäten von DragonCats in Kamp-Lintfort ein Krosmaster Constructed nach Season 2 Regeln statt.

Gegen 14:30 waren alle Teilnehmer und Schiedsrichter eingetroffen - du üblichen Verdächtigen.
Nach 3 gespielten Runden hatten wir folgenden Endstand in den Top 3:

Die gespielten Teams:




Vielen Dank an DragonCats für den Turnierort, Stefan a.k. JackCard für die Turnierorga und allen Spielern für die Matches.
Vor allem Danke für die Geduld und das Mitgefühl, war irgendwie total neben der Spur...
 - die Baks vergessen zu ziehen
 -  Spannugnswurf Crits auf Baks gelegt
 - Abstände verzählt

Bis zum nächsten Mal


Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Wednesday Night Krosmaster #1 - Results

Am Mittwoch Abend fand das zweite deutsche Online Turnier statt, gespielt wurde auf dem Beta Server für die Season 2.

Mit 6 Teilnehmern stareten wir in das Turnier (leider viel Biervampir wegen Internetproblem aus und wurde zum Freilos):

Gespielte Teams waren:






Danke an alle Teilnehmer für die schönen Spiele. Ich hoffe wir werden bei dem nächsten Turnier ein paar mehr Spieler haben.



Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Krosmaster Arena - Season 2 Regeln


heute möchte ich mal ein wenig über die kommenden Regeln in Season 2 sprechen:




Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

Dark Vlad - Spoiler

The famous Dark Vlad made it from the concept art....

... to a 3D Model.

In my opinion - he looks pretty awesome !



Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

Krosmaster Online - Season 2 OPEN BETA

Krosmaster online season 2: beta test Starting next week, we will open a special Beta test server for Krosmaster online, in order to add the new season 2 figurines progressively in the game. And we need your help to find the bugs that may have crawled inside the code!

For a few weeks now, the Krosmaster online team have been working on updating the game to include the newest figurines from season 2. And we have made much progress, so much, in fact, that we are almost ready to add the first batch of characters online!


Even the furniture works with us!

We have assembled a team of expert programmers to manage this update as quickly as possible (and with little impact on other project’s planning, the tablet version of Krosmaster in particular). The team is composed of veterans from the current version of Krosmaster (in 2D), mixed with newcomers from the newest version (in 3D). While they all know Krosmaster in and out, some of them haven’t worked on this version before.

Unfortunately, it is hard for us to access our debug and test team for this project. New figurines and rules are of course tested to see if they work properly, but there’s plenty of interactions with the “old” figurines that we don’t have the time to test at all, due to the size of our team. This is where you come in.

How is it going to work, then?

Early next we week, we will open our Beta server. This version will be accessible from your browser only (neither from Dofus nor Wakfu) on the following link:

Figurines and rules will be updated there over the next few weeks, and you can test all of it without any lasting impact for your ranking or Kroz reserve.

On this server, you may use all the existing figurines, including those you don’t usually have in your collection. The more combinations between season 1 and season 2 figurines you can test and bug report, the quicker we will be able to update the official version of the game. You have access to every figurine at once, so go crazy and try everything!

At the same time, we will open a special section of the forum, dedicated only to the Beta test. You will be able to make all your returns and bug reports there, while we will keep it updated with the newest fix and add-ons for the Beta version.

When the bugs are fixed, the “real” online version will be updated with what we are sure will work without a hiccup; it will be a progressive task, depending on what we add to the game and your feedbacks.

We’d like to thank you in advance if you chose to help us in this task. See you soon on the Beta server!

double critical network

On the right hand side you will find some new embedded links:

Whats behind that links:

on calendar - listing of krosmaster events  online and offline (Germany)
on ebay       - some figurines i offer for sale (not always active just pm me)
on twitter    - never miss a double critical news just follow me
on youtube  - recorded games and news (commented games coming soon)



Montag, 2. Juni 2014

Tournament: Wednesday Night Krosmaster #1

Hey Krosmasters,

i am starting a new international tournament series - starting on Wednesday 11.06.2014.
The tournaments will be with themed teams, so we will see a variety of teams insteed of Goultard / Merkator all the time.

I opened a new Tournament Bracket:

Here are the details:

Date: 11.06.2014
Time 20:00 (CET/MEZ)

Sign in the rooster with your krosmaster online account name (for the challenges).

Theme for the first Tournament:

Max Krosmaster Level 3

The tournament will be swiss so everybody got to play several rounds.
New rounds will start after the completion of the previous round, therefor players report their results in the challonge bracket.

Its important for the matchmaking that your Krosmaster nick is correct in the bracket!