Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

Map Contest - Winners elected

After the final 8 maps were submitted the winners were elected by Ankama:

#1 - Plantation (gfx from Ankama)


If you're already here in my explanations, you know that there is only 4 trees and 4 bushes...
Simply, it's because players will be able to plant a few.

Before characters's deployment, each player in the order determinated by initiative must plant two vegetals of his choice (Tree or Bush) on 2 red tiles of their choice.
So, player with the highest initiative will plant either 2 trees, 2 bushes or 1 tree more 1 bush.
Second player will do the same, then the game will happen normally with the deployment of the first player etc...
There is enough left trees and bushes to not limit the choices of both players.
This mechanism adds a layer of strategy to the game, offering to players the possibility to adapt the map according to the oppenent's team.
And this without slowing, or making complicated the tactical part of the game. 

#2 - Brouillard (gfx - from mapbuilder by bigbad)

Mechanism :

Red spots are fog. They block Lign of Sight, but they don't block movement. Something behind the fog is hide like behind a tree. Figurines on a fog spot loose one range (but is not hide, unless a other fog spot is in front on them.
Above everything :
Figurine on a box ignore for Lign of Sight, when using à spell AND be targetted. 

Quote from Ankama Forum:

Congratulations to you all!

Now, what happens to the winning maps? Well, their destiny unfolds in two stages.
The winner (Plantation), you can see just above, will be officially used in tournaments Japan Expo and distributed to participants. Yep! What we honor him in this map!
Then the two maps will be scanned and studied by our game designers to check balance, reworked (graphically and playfully) if necessary, and then be formalized and distributed for tournaments Krosmaster. A map on the front and one on the back: the consecration printed form!

Another big congratulations to everyone who made ​​this possible contest!



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