Montag, 16. Juni 2014

Team Preview: Buff your Enutrof


my Name is Lalle (Krosmaster online: dklalle).

Today i want to present you a Season 1+2 Team.

I have won an "all Figures allowed" tournament in Germany this weekend with the following team.

So let's start!

The Team:

1x Luk Ylook (2)
1x Henual(2)
2x Diver Birel (3)
2x Moe Lawr (1)

Play Order is:

Henual > Diver Birel > Diver Birel > Luk Ylook > Moe Lawr > Moe Lawr

Henual first to buff the Diver. And Luk after the Diver to push an enemy after debuffing the MP.

Analysis of each Krosmaster:

Henual is one of your most important Krosmaster to buff your Diver Birels. Be careful - he dies fast against most melee-mid range chars. The Air Resistance is useful against most long range chars. Don't try to bring him in attack range. It is important to stay 3 spaces from both Divers. So you can change fast from one Diver to another Diver.

Diver Birel is our dmg and debuff dealer of the Team. He is not really fast with 3 Movement. But he has 10 HP and 6 AP. Both is ok for Lvl 3. You can use the Shovel of Judgment 2 times when Diver is buffed and then you do 4 base dmg and -2 MP. The Living Shovel is nice to block and move enemy chars a litte bit. It is best  to cast it with your fist Diver at your first turn. That way you can push your second Diver with the shovel.
Dodge is nice to have and Farmer can bring you some extra Kama (3-5 per Game).

I dont know what to tell you about Luk Ylook. He is still strong in Season 2. You can push or debuff enemies at mid range and with the debuffs of the rest of this team he is most of the time save in a Range of 3.
Both Resistances are also very strong in Season 2.

He can also collect some Kama at the first Round an the Range of 6 is really high for Lvl 1 Krosmaster.
You can debuff the range of your slowed down enemies. So some Krosmaster can do nothing after this heavy debuffs.
Prospecting is nice and it can bring you f.e. 12 Karma by Killing 4 LvL 1 Krosmasters by 3 times Prospecting in your Team ( 2x Moe 1x Shovel)
I think Prospecting is much stronger then Farmer in most of the Games.


Diver + Henual is a 2 dmg -1 MP spell more

Luk also slows the enemy down and can push them after the  attack of 1-2 Divers out of range.
So with a lot of -MP it will get hard to do something in the next round.

Moe helps by lowering the Range. So that you dont get to much damage at the mid range.


- Nice damage at mid Range
- A lot of debuffs
- HP is ok and 6 Krosmaster is really nice
- Farmer and Prospecting gives you some bonus Karma


- No high range spells
- No high melee damage
- a lot of Water damage
- only 3 MP Krosmaster
- No Portal or fast movement spells
- no really tanky Krosmaster

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