Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

Japan Expo - Pictures




JanE hat gesagt…

Interesting! Do I see Adamai's dragon form in the 1st picture?
And is it Percedal's Shushu form in the picture.

The guy in the 2nd picture is from the Wakfu animated series. He was the main bad guy in Gobball episode.

3rd picture... who is he?

4th She looks familiar too, from Wakfu episode.

5th Looks like Evangelyne, but who she is?

6th And these guys? Angry Yugo? And?

Salvatore Calo hat gesagt…

1st: rubilax-possessed Percedal
dragon from too yes
2nd: Kris la Kros
3rd: Lord Vampyro
5th:Cléophée (Evangeline's little sister)
6th:Yugo eliatrop king form

JanE hat gesagt…

So Rubilax-possessed Percedal should be 6 lvl character like possessed Goulthard...

And King Yugo? Maybe a bit stronger than the lousy original? =)