Montag, 11. August 2014

Translation of the New Duel Pack by Wendigo

King Nidas - Enutroff Boss 

lvl 4 Init 7 4mp 12hp 6ap

"Pecule" 2-4 green range. King Nidas gain 1 kama. 1 water damage for 4ap
"Rapiat" 1-4 green line range. King Nidas take one Kama in the free target spot. 0damage blue spell for 2ap
"Douloureuse" 1-2 green range. -1 mp. King Nidas loose 3 Kama. 1 earth damage violet spell for 2ap

Power "Magot Sacre" each time King Nidas does one or more wound at an opponent Krosmaster, he gain one kama if he has less kama than the opponent he heal one wound if he has more or equal kama

"Reine des Voleuses" Sram Boss 

lvl 4 Init 8 3mp 14hp 7ap

"Hold up" cac spell. Steal one kama to the opponent. 1 fire damage for 3ap
"Misère" 1-4 red line range. Throw one kama on the free target spot. no damage 2ap spell
"Banqueroute" 1-2 red range spell. -4ap. Opponent loose -4 kama. one wind damage for 4ap ult spell
Power "Rapine Occulte" at start of the Reine des Voleurs turn :
- do +1 damage on her spell if she has less Kama than opponent.
- gain immediatly +1mp if she has equal or more Kama than opponent

Thanks Wendig0 for the translation



The pictures used above were wip, please check for the latest statcards here: statcards in wakfu mag

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morsac hat gesagt…

A couple of mistakes

Rapiat: Take *all* kamas in the free target case. *No* damage blue spell

Misère: Take *all* kamas in the free target case