Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

US - Dark Heroes Pre-Release Tournament

***ATTENTION PREMIERE STORES*** In order to celebrate the release of Dark Heroes, we will be holding a special Dark Heroes’ Pre-Release Tournament at Premier Stores all across the US. Players can play in this 12 point constructed Tournament and get a chance to win special edition Dark Vlad Mount.

Dark Heroes Special Edition Tournament Pack includes :
-Top 8 Yellow Frosted Dice
-Top 4 Dark Vlad Mount
-1st Place Krosmaster: Arena Tournament Playmat

Dark Heroes Pre-Release Package:
To get a chance to offer your players this exclusive event featuring this Promo, you need to pre-order the following kit:
- 1 Dark Heroes Tournament Pack
- 12 Copies of the Krosmaster: Arena Dark Heroes Window Box
- 1 Tournament Kit (includes 8 Tournament maps, 4 sets of Punch Boards and 4 sets of dice)

As of right now the release date is not exact, but should be sometime in December. The Dark Vlad Promo will probably be the most sought after promo yet, so prepare to be swamped!



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