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Review of the German National Championship 2014 - Day 2

Day 2 started with  a booster draft, each player got:
- 2 season 1 booster
- 2 season 2 booster
- look at you boosters and keep 1 for yourself (without showing it to the others)
- put the other 3 boosters on the table
- Pick order 1 to 8 and vice versa - till you picked 3 additional boosters

My starting 4 boosters contained:

Not bad at all, i was debatting with myself whether to keep Duke or Remi, i kept Duke.

I cant remeber all the Krosmaster on the table but we got: Oskar, 2x NeeNaa, 2x Bad Abumm, 2x Srammy, 2x Kivin, 2x Toni, several Bandits and Knights, 2x Remi, Will, Naz Rael, Dany, etc...Cant return the rares to my mind as they either were picked early or kept secretly.

My final team:

I was very confident with this team to get into the Top 16 as i got several good synergies and enough firepower to get things done.
With the resistance of Duke and Toni i would be able to make a good use of Srammy as a turbo.
Ini 24 made me go first every game.

Draft Game 1:

I cant remeber all the draft teams well, but he got elite bandit, white bandit, drop knight, bad aboom.
Toni kept the enemies with his bombs bombs out of range. I started damaging the elite bandit until i saw an opening - changed target to bad aboom, killed him and the white bandit - buy-out. Win.

Draft Game 2:
His team consists of: mark umber, dany oshian (wow all the neutral damage vs. duke), oscar and wally.
I had to engage dany early and kill him before the randomness would deal high neutral damage spikes.  Again Toni managed to keep mark umber and oscar away.
After i killed dany i went for wally then fell back and won with doubles and buy-out.

Draft Game 3:
Mali, Kivin, Lil Healey, (maybe an oscar - cant remember).
At this  point i could be sure to be in the Top 16 regardless of the outcome of the game.
Toni again tried to keep the enemies away, this time it would be tougher as mali can remove the markers and push herself around.
I poked the enemy team and slowly moved Will form the right side to left, to wait for an opening on kivin. With cra style Will should be able to dish out tons of damage or at least enough for a kivin :D

I used doubles everytime i could, then the opening was there i OTK kivin with Will and teleported Duke into melee with Lil Healey. Toni trapped Mali in the mid and the game was over. Win.

MVP of the draft for me was an outstanding Toni.

So draft was over - Top 16 ahead, my goal was to reach Top 8 and i was 1 game away from it.

Single Elemination Game 1:
My opponent was Dominic he played a Merkator team:
Merkator, Luki, Koa, Koa, Quentin, Uri

At this time i was getting tired and my concentration began to break, but this game was so freaking intense i was full of adrenalin my hands were shaking.
Beside some mistakes (omg after like 200 games with merk i forgot about Krobust) this game was an up and down.
Dominic bought granite rewards: aero boost, aqua boost showed up ... ok he bought it - aqua buff was revealed. I was like "what the fuck" in the end i could make good use of enutrop style, bulbish and recall potion what saved me the game which i won via buy-out in the end.

Single Elemination Game 2:
Johannes played a Mark Umber Alie see + X list, we played the first two rounds then his Alie See died to Kitty burst with the help of DR. Win.

Single Elemination Game 3:
Now i had to face my teammate nicooliver, i was pretty much in the role of the underdog this time.
But now it was 100% sure that both of us would go to the worlds in france.
He played Count Harebourgh, Chloe, Fern Sockem, Steam Wonder, Moe.
As i got 12 kama in round 2 i could get a crimson dofus, nico had to buy the cra and sacrier style to avoid them being bought for kitty. Unfortunately xelor style was revealed next - instant buy for kitty.

Buffed by Henual and xelor style i killed the Count rolling double crits only (12 hp left). Win.

Single Elemination Game 4:
I faced Fritz he played a harebourgh swarm with dey curie, steamy wonder, fern sockem, 2x moe, Wally.
I got first blood by killing the Wally and tried to raise havoc in his backlines but two succesfull block rolls from bubotrons against kitty turned out as a huge setback for me.
Also i my Kitty couldnt OTK moe (with crit and buff), meanwhile the count killed my poo.

I could not catch up anymore after my henual died, he went for doubles - buy-out. Loss.

I finished 2nd and reached my goal to end in the Top 8 furthermore i am going to
play against some of the best players of the world in cannes next year.

Final words:

Thanks to all my opponents for the nice and fair games.
Thanks to Pegasus and the judges for this stunning event.
Thanks to Pettman and Wendig0 for their inspiration and advices.
Thanks to Phil for this AWESOME paintjob.
Thanks to Team Double Critical for the faith spirit and support.



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