Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2015

Several Krosmaster Products on Amazon

Several products of Krosmaster are available on Amazon, do you find any special item there?
Some offers are just insane like 30-50 euro for a krosmaster blind box.

PM me or add a comment of your favorite item or comment there:

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Montag, 23. November 2015

US Nationals 2015 - Top 16 Teams

Congrats to the Top 16 USA National Champions from BoardGameGeek Con 2016!

1 Thomas Crombie: Harry Sah, Black Crow, Moe Lawr, Moe Lahr, Kivin

2 Randy Navarro: Malee Bahrum, Emma Sacre, Phaeris, Poochan, Kivin

3 Joshua Hipster: Gein, Phaeris, Chrissy Entrinch, Kivin, Steamy Wonder

4 Jeremie Maurina: Malee Bahrum, Poochan, Emma Sacre, Phaeris, Kivin

5 Mike Caldwell: Luk Ylook, Poochan, Malee Buhrum, Ayan, Fern Sock'em, Kivin

6 Jay Adkins: Anna Tommy, Katar, Coa Gulary, Fern Sock'em, Steamy Wonder

7 Shaun Herschbach: Gein, Ghett , Phaeris, Steamy Wonder

8 Travis Dunk: Kanniball Jav, Coa Gulary, Poochan, Phaeris, Ayan, Black Crow

9 Paul Niederer: Ghett , Gein, Kivin, Steamy Wonder

10 Ian Burk: Doo Rex, Theo, Lou, Phaeris

11 Kevin Krupnick: Count Frigost, Coa Gulary, Poochan, Phaeris, Quentin Flush, Steamy Wonder, 

12 Mike Anderson: Yugo, Cleome, Luk Ylook, Coa Gulary, Phaeris, Moe Lawr, Mike Locke, Kivin

13 William Hill: Ghett , Emma Sacre, Coa Gulary, Coa Gulary, Ayan

14 Eric Dietsch: Makum Bah, Diver Birel, Diver Birel, Henual

15 Corey Allen: Remington Smisse, Srammy, Boo Ming, Coa Gulary, Di Curey, Phaeris

16 Joshua Brown: Luk Ylook, Phaeris, Coa Gulary, Coa Gulary, Fern Sock'em, Poochan, Shaka Shaka



Donnerstag, 19. November 2015

Krosmaster Arena 2.0 - Spoiler Pics

Looking at the stat cards it seems that all krosmaster in the new base game are level 2 or 4.

Demonic rewards are completly new and are now diveded in new piles:
3x 3 kama rewards
2x 6 kama rewards
1x 9? kama rewards

We can expect that the randomness and the impact of the demonic rewards will be way less then before.

statis crystal anyone ..... :D



Krosmaster 2.0 - Base Game

Expect 8 new Krosmaster fighting on new basegame maps in the city of bonta - furthe more see new more balanced demonic rewards coming up.



German Nationals Top 32 Teams

Thanks Teilzeithelden for the team list.



Dienstag, 17. November 2015

German Nationals 2015 - Final Match - Emma Sacre vs. Black Crow

 Here is the final game after 11 hours of krosmaster on day 2 between Marc Lallemand (Emma) and Wadim Reiche (Black Crow).



Montag, 16. November 2015

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

Piwate Map Promo and Duel Pack 3



Source: Lastlevel

Map nationals 2015


Note that this map is accompanied by a special rule. You will notice that it contains a number of boxes "fog" that will force you to reflect upon your games ... Here's their exact effect:

A check Clear Line of Sight discomfort and is considered a free space. PO MAX Spells changeable range of a Game Piece on this box Fog is reduced by 1 square.

Our game designer [Nuuh] has prepared some examples to better understand their functioning.

Sam Hyrrit has an attack with a range from January to March editable. It can not target Dragoeth because a fog box (blocking his line of sight) is located between them. He can not Cléophée target because its OP is reduced to a point by being itself a fog box. By cons, it can target three Kanniball Jav normally, the fog will not block line of sight in this situation.

You know almost everything on the CDF! Shortly, we will provide you the latest details about the championship: the organization of the tournament, schedules and prizes to win. Until then, practice on the new map, and good luck to you!

Translation with google translator.

well = tree, barrel = box, graves = bush



Source: Ankama [FR]

Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

Krosmaster Arena Regional Mitte - Germany

Krosmaster-Fans aufgepasst! Am 8. August findet auf der RatCon in Unna ein Regional Turnier für Krosmaster Arena statt.

Auf dem Regional Turnier könnt ihr nicht nur ein Freilos für die erste Runde der Deutschen Meisterschaft am 14. und 15. November gewinnen, sondern auch eine bisher nicht erhältliche Großfigur und weitere tolle Preise wie zum Beispiel die Promofigur Yugo für die Top 16-Spieler. Die jüngste Spielerin bzw. der jüngste Spieler erhält zudem einen Sonderpreis.
Egal ob ihr Profi oder Anfänger seid – das Regional Turnier ist die Gelegenheit, Spielerfahrung zu sammeln und neue Mitspieler kennenzulernen.

Weitere Informationen zu den Regionals könnt ihr auf der Krosmaster-Seite von Pegasus finden (www.pegasus.de/krosmaster/regionals).

Der Link zur RatCon: http://rat-con.de)

Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

Krosmaster rule change

A change in the current rules of Krosmaster Arena will soon be enacted. It’s about teams, numbers, and the interaction between those two…

Hardcore players, casual players, online players, judges of all kind: it’s time to shake things up a bit!

As you know, we sometimes update Krosmaster Arena’s rules, by taking into account your feedback and analyzing thousands of hours of playing from our community. When Season 2 was launched, for instance, we altered the rules in order to get a more balanced and more enjoyable experience. It’s now time for a new update, only one rule, but a very important one:

A Krosmaster team must contain between three and eight figurines, for a total of 12 levels.

That’s right: the minimum amount of Krosmasters in a team has been increased from 2 to 3! After a long analysis, we have found that teams composed of only two characters were harming the diversity of the game while bringing very little in exchange. By modifying this rule, we hope to open up some new ways in design that were closed to us before, and offer to tournament players a more diverse metagame.
This change in rules will become mandatory in tournaments on September 14th, 2015; however, it can be applied to tournaments from now on. In the online game, this change will activated during an update scheduled in August. You will have plenty of time to adapt your strategy to this change in the meantime.

Until then, have fun!  

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2015

Season 3 available

Season 3 is now available online! Season 3 figurines have been doing battle on board games for a few weeks, while online players look on with envy! But now online players have a reason to celebrate. The digital versions are ready for combat!
Sortie saison 3
Dominated by the emblematic characters of Otomai and Moon, season 3 brings together four families that are up to the challenge:
- Minotorors
- Dreggons
- Kanniballs
- Piwates

There are three ways you can get them into the arena.
- If you already have the physical figurines, you can use the code in the box to unlock their digital counterparts.
- If you play online only, the new warriors are available in Standard Krosboxes, which you can get here! Why “Standard”? Because season 3 hasn’t finished revealing its secrets. More will be unveiled in the coming weeks! When the season is done, the Shop will have a whole Krosbox Season 3 section!

 Season 3 lets you embrace your inner pirate!