Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Waiting for Krosmaster online in 3D...

Hello everyone!

March is almost at its end, and we can hear your demands to see the release of the news 3D version of Krosmaster Arena online. Your impatience is easy to understand after such a long wait. After all, as long as the month isn’t over, we’re still on schedule, right?

Unfortunately… I’m pained to inform you that we will need to postpone the release of this version. Not for long, I assure you, only a couple of weeks!

“But why change the date so close to the release? You promised us it would be release in March! The game is never going to come out at this rate!”

It’s true, we said the Beta would start in March, and we apologize for not holding our word on this promise. And now it’s much too late to edit all of our old posts and replace all occurrence of ‘March’ with ‘April’… Plus, I’m sure you guys would have noticed!

The truth is: Krosmaster Arena is functional (people who have tried it during the World Championship can attest it), and we were ready to launch the Beta on schedule. However, after analyzing the returns we got from testers, we realized that some aspects of the game didn’t satisfy us completely. So, we decided to get our hand dirty with coding again and went back to fix it.

This requires us to push back the beginning of Beta in April, and again, we apologize for this. We really want Krosmaster Arena to be a pleasant and ergonomic experience for all of you from day one.

While all of this is going, we have also prepared a new version of the website, who needed some dusting to look the part, as well as a new online shop to work in tandem with the newest version. All those elements will go live at the same time as the Beta.

We know that we’re pushing for your patience, but this time, we’re almost there! Thanks again for your support during the development of this project.

To help ease the wait, and fulfill a promise we made before, we will show you as much screenshots and pictures of the game in development as we can. Starting today with the maps!

Right now, there are four different maps in the game, and more will be added later. They are based on existing tournament maps, and each of them has a very specific look. They are:

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