Freitag, 6. März 2015

World Championship: here comes the map!

At this time, champions of every country must be preparing their team for the big event... It's for us to give a little more to think about, by revealing the map that will be used for the whole weekend!

Here it comes!

The Plantation

Astute players might have picked that there is only 4 trees and 4 bushes on this map. That's because the map comes with a special rule when it comes to set pieces. This rules reads as follows:

"Before deploying the teams, starting with the player which team has the higher initiative, each player must place 2 set pieces (either 2 trees, or 2 bushes, or 1 tree and 1 bush) in any cells containing a shovel of their choice."

Another important information for the qualified players: if you're missing a specific figurine for the team you want to play at the Championship, we might be able to lend it to you for the duration of the tournament. Just send an Ankabox message to [Dewit] with the figurines you need before March 18th, and we'll prepare it for the big day.

That's it for today, see you soon! 

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We , the KrosOver Team , do a live Twitch of this map this Sunday at 10am in Paris.

Link Twitch :

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