Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

Piwate Island Expansion - Krosmaster

Here a little spoiler of the krosmaster from the piwate island expansion by Last Levl Distribution:


Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

Season 3 - rule changes

Translation by Vragar from the new Italian ruleset:

The more important change is about Unfazed.
This power has been totally rivisited, and now works in this way:

"Unfazed: a spell or a power not owned by this character can't apply an effect that modify AP, MP or Range values of this character, nor move this character in anyway".

So now Nox's "Master of Eliacube" power doesn't work on Unfazed characters.
Yugo can't teleport an Unfazed character with his Transfer Portal.
Thio can't teleport un Unfazed character with his Group Transfer.
Now Kriss Krass can affect Count Frigost's power with his Fraud spell.
Now if Remington Smisse use Piercing Shot on Count Frigost, the defense roll will lose one dice, due to Pierces-Armour.
Count Frigost's Rolbak power works normally, since it's owned by the unfazed character itself.

Basically an Unfazed character's values printed on the card can be modified no moren and can't be moved, except from his own spells or powers. All other additional effects (like pierces-armour) now works normally.

That's a huge change for some pieces, mainly Nox.
But even other pieces will gain advantages from this new ruling. Think to Kitty Rage, or all the pieces with Pierces-Armour attacks from all seasons (mainly season 3)... That's a great change! :D

This changes will not be effective on the online version right now; the first step is to complete the game with all the new pieces, and then new rulings will be integrated.
So use your Nox online in the Beta, until it's too late... :D

Other minor changes:

The powers that activate "at the beginning of the game" are activated by the Active Player, in order of inititive of his characters in the timeline. If there are some effects that are contemporary, the active player choose the order of activation.

A spell with the red box, once it has been completly resolved, is considered as if it's not more printed on the card (like Percimol's power and Gultard the Barbarian's Dark Cloud for example; once the Barbarian use his Dark Cloud attack, Percimol's power won't work anymore on him because he won't have water spells printed anymore).

When a piece is KOed, the DR assigned to it, if covered, must not be revealed. They are discarded without revealing them.

Merkator's power doesn't work with Djaul's Black Humor spell; the wounds are exchanged, not inflicted, so Merkator's power don't limit them to 3.



Dienstag, 21. April 2015

Krosmaster 3D Beta - Patch Notes 0.79

On April 21st, 2015, we will make the following changes to Krosmaster Arena.

  • The length of every phase of the turn has been increased, so players won’t be pressed for action anymore.
  • A right-click will now cancel the current action.
  • The fights log’s details can now be seen with a roll-over from the mouse.
  • Fixed-range spells can no longer have their range increased.
  • It is no longer possible to reconnect to a match where your opponent has given up the game.
  • Fixed a drag’n’drop bug during the deployment phase: it will be correctly cancelled at the end of the phase. This bug caused some Krosmasters to be unable to do anything for the duration of the game.
  • Crates: a Krosmaster that is pushed/pulled on a crate will no longer phase through it. A Krosmaster standing on a crate will no longer be inside the crate after a reconnection.
  • Added a shortcut to open the Demonic Reward shop (R).
  • Added a shortcut to pick up a kama (E).
  • Added a shortcut to show the fight log (T).
  • Added a shortcut to buy a GG (G).
Demonic Rewards
  • The Demonic Rewards shop interface doesn’t block the whole interface anymore.
  • It is now possible to buy a Demonic Reward by double-clicking it in the shop interface.
  • When your opponent buys a Demonic Reward, the revealing animation of the new Reward doesn’t play unless the shop interface is already open.
  • Spells from a Demonic Reward now have their name correctly shown.
Team management
  • In the team creation interface, the Krosmaster’s names will be seen when rolled over by the mouse.
  • Season 3 Krosmasters’ names will correctly be shown.
  • Players online will now be warned of incoming server updates.
  • The first and last part of the tutorial have been rebalanced.  

Montag, 20. April 2015

Ogrest - Spoiler

In a promotional video an unpainted Ogrest krosmaster was spoilered:

After young ogrest the "older" version.

Picture and Hint by Jalatofus :)



Double Critical - dark crypt map - A Review by Jalatofus

Hey Krosmaster,

our spanish friends from Jalatofus just playtested the dark crypt - a map designed and created by Team Double Critical.

Please follow this google translator link to Jalatofus - Map Review



Mittwoch, 15. April 2015

Krosmaster in 3D, now unveiling itself in beta!

Krosmaster in 3D, now unveiling itself in beta! Today is the big day: the PC beta for the 3D version Today is the big day: the PC beta for the 3D version of Krosmaster Arena is now open! A new game field, but the same reliable principle: lead your figurines to victory against opponents from all over the world!
While we're at it, let's talk about your figurines! You'll keep them from one version to the other, of course! Just like your kroz, the use of which is detailed in this other news.
The only thing that changes is... everything else!
- The maps, as well as the characters, the cards, even the spells: everything makes the transition to the third dimension, with spectacular animations!
- The kroz won by playing will now allow you to obtain every single figurine!
- These virtual figurines can be unlocked directly in-game.
- A new leagues and rewards system is put in place, still with the same underlying goal: smash their figurines in!

Ankama is proud to present this new version of Krosmaster Arena. A new dimension opens up for you: experience the game from every angle by taking part in the beta! 

Montag, 13. April 2015

Qilby & Adamai based games with commentary by nicoolivera and Dacow

Nicoolivera (2nd place on Worlds, 3rd place on German nationals) and Dacow (2nd place on German nationals) playing same matches with this fun and non-mainstream team.

The commentary is in German - if you dont speak German just mute the video and listen to your favorite music playlist meanwhile :)

Qilby vs. Shrek:

Qilby vs. Merkator:

Qilby vs. Kitty:

Qilby vs. Nox:

Qilby vs. Queen of thieves:

More videos to come - please subscribe: double critical - youtube channel



Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

Krosmaster 3D - The new play ranked system

Say goodbye to the ladder! It’s time for it to retire with the honor. With the rebirth of Krosmaster Arena, it was important to us to revamp the ranked matches to better fulfill the needs of the players.

So… how about a tour of the new system?

Warning! Everything that follows is a work in progress. Those values can change during the beta-test of the game. 
Rank and file

Players will now be classified in numbered ranks. There are 20 of them in total, along with a very prestigious Elite rank to top them off. Everyone starts at the bottom of rank 20 and will work their way up from there.

Whenever you start a ranked match in-game, our servers will try to find an opponent ranked at the same level as you. If no opponents of this rank are currently looking for a match at that moment, we will then progressively increase our field of research until we find you a challenger. As a result, there might be a couple ranks of difference between you and your opponent, but don’t worry! Complete newbies will no longer fight against seasoned players!

A certain number of victories is necessary to graduate to a new rank, and this number will increase as you progress further through the ranks. You will need only two victories to graduate from rank 20 to rank 19, but to get from 15 to 14 requires three victories. By winning several games in a row, you will also earn “bonus” victories that will help you get through the rankings even faster.

However, every game you lose will have the opposite effect and will take you back one point in your progression. If you score becomes too low, you will even be downgraded to the previous rank!

Once you have earned all the required victories at the end of rank 1, you will then access the ‘Elite rank,’ the final stage of competition. Each member of the league are ranked in a ladder that isn’t so different from the one we currently have: the cream of the crop fighting each other for glory. Be careful though, even if you have a little more leeway amongst the Elite, losing too many games can send you back to rank 1…
Seasons and kroz

By playing and winning in ranked matches, you will earn kroz. These will allow you to complete your collection by buying Krosboxes in the in-game shop.

For starters, every time you reach a rank you have never reached before, you will win a certain amount of kroz. This prize can be earned only once in your career: to get more kroz this way, you will have to become better and better!

Every time you win a total of 2 games in ranked matches, you will be awarded a small amount of kroz, in addition to any other prize you could earn.

Finally, at the end of every season, you will get a sum of kroz depending on your final rank. Wait, what do you mean by “the end of every season”? That’s right, the rankings will now frequently be reset!
A season’s duration is two months long. Once it’s completed, you will receive the kroz we just told you about, and will be then downgraded to a lower rank. The higher was your ranking in the closing season, the higher it will be in the next one!
All roads lead to a brawl

If you don’t find yourself engaged in the ranking system, Krosmaster Arena will provide you with alternative ways to find a worthy opponent.

Tournaments are still in the game. They consist in a string of 4 matches against random opponents, where every victory gives an increasingly bigger amount of kroz. Playing in a tournament is free. Once it begins, you are not forced to play all your games at once: you are free to leave it and come back later to complete it, it will wait for you as long as necessary. However, once you have started a tournament, you must wait at least 23 hours before beginning a new one.

Challenges are friendly matches that do not alter your ranking in any way, so you can duel your friends as you may wish. In this kind of game, you will have more time to ponder your actions during your turn. However, you cannot win any kroz when you’re playing a challenge.

You can challenge your friends, but a new addition to this version allows you to play a random challenge against an unknown opponent. It’s the perfect way to test a new team without impacting your ranking in any way!

You now know everything about the revamp of ranked matches online! Get your Krosmasters ready and prepare yourself for your travel to glory! 

Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

Matches with commentary with nicoolivera and Dacow

Nicoolivera (2nd place on Worlds, 3rd place on German nationals) and Dacow (2nd place on German nationals) playing same matches with this fun and non-mainstream team.

The commentary is in German - if you dont speak German just mute the video and listen to your favorite music playlist meanwhile :)

Double Critical Krosmaster Ghett + Queen vs Thio Duke (Top 50):

Double Critical Krosmaster Ghett + Queen vs Mali + Emma (Top 100):

Double Critical Krosmaster Ghett + Queen vs Anna Queen:

More videos to come - please subscribe: double critical - youtube channel



Dienstag, 7. April 2015

Krosmaster 3D - Weekly Krosmaster rotation

Hey everyone! 

The new version is going fine as far as development goes. Today, I wanted to show you a little something new from the 3D version, that casual players should like. 

Maybe you've already seen on our previously shown screenshots a few Krosmasters hanging around on the menu screen of the game... 

This is the Krosmaster rotation. Each week, five Krosmasters will be selected and made available to all players, allowing them to use it in their teams and every game mode. Every single figurine can be found in this selection, including the rarest ones! It's the occasion for you to test some figurines you might not have in your usual collection. 

You will be "lent" one of each of those Krosmasters for the week. If you already have one or more of those figurines in your collection, these will not influence it in any way. 

You will be able to see which characters have been selected on the menu screen of the game... and on the front page of our new website. Yes, we are revamping the website right now, and the rotation will be clearly featured on the page! 

Soon, more news and screenshots. Thank you for your patience! 

Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

April fool : Double Critical World Championship and Qualifiers

 April fool   !!  Double Critical World Championship and Qualifiers

Today we want to announce the Double Critical Krosmaster Arena World Championship.


December 2015



How to Qualify:

We will organise a Qualifier for 32 Players for each Country.
Location of the Qualifiers will be central located in each Country.

The Top 4 will win a free trip and hotel to the World Championshop
Sponsored by Team Double Critical.

More Infos will follow soon.

Sign in as fast as possible. Qualifiers are limited to 32 players