Dienstag, 7. April 2015

Krosmaster 3D - Weekly Krosmaster rotation

Hey everyone! 

The new version is going fine as far as development goes. Today, I wanted to show you a little something new from the 3D version, that casual players should like. 

Maybe you've already seen on our previously shown screenshots a few Krosmasters hanging around on the menu screen of the game... 

This is the Krosmaster rotation. Each week, five Krosmasters will be selected and made available to all players, allowing them to use it in their teams and every game mode. Every single figurine can be found in this selection, including the rarest ones! It's the occasion for you to test some figurines you might not have in your usual collection. 

You will be "lent" one of each of those Krosmasters for the week. If you already have one or more of those figurines in your collection, these will not influence it in any way. 

You will be able to see which characters have been selected on the menu screen of the game... and on the front page of our new website. Yes, we are revamping the website right now, and the rotation will be clearly featured on the page! 

Soon, more news and screenshots. Thank you for your patience! 

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