Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

Season 3 - rule changes

Translation by Vragar from the new Italian ruleset:

The more important change is about Unfazed.
This power has been totally rivisited, and now works in this way:

"Unfazed: a spell or a power not owned by this character can't apply an effect that modify AP, MP or Range values of this character, nor move this character in anyway".

So now Nox's "Master of Eliacube" power doesn't work on Unfazed characters.
Yugo can't teleport an Unfazed character with his Transfer Portal.
Thio can't teleport un Unfazed character with his Group Transfer.
Now Kriss Krass can affect Count Frigost's power with his Fraud spell.
Now if Remington Smisse use Piercing Shot on Count Frigost, the defense roll will lose one dice, due to Pierces-Armour.
Count Frigost's Rolbak power works normally, since it's owned by the unfazed character itself.

Basically an Unfazed character's values printed on the card can be modified no moren and can't be moved, except from his own spells or powers. All other additional effects (like pierces-armour) now works normally.

That's a huge change for some pieces, mainly Nox.
But even other pieces will gain advantages from this new ruling. Think to Kitty Rage, or all the pieces with Pierces-Armour attacks from all seasons (mainly season 3)... That's a great change! :D

This changes will not be effective on the online version right now; the first step is to complete the game with all the new pieces, and then new rulings will be integrated.
So use your Nox online in the Beta, until it's too late... :D

Other minor changes:

The powers that activate "at the beginning of the game" are activated by the Active Player, in order of inititive of his characters in the timeline. If there are some effects that are contemporary, the active player choose the order of activation.

A spell with the red box, once it has been completly resolved, is considered as if it's not more printed on the card (like Percimol's power and Gultard the Barbarian's Dark Cloud for example; once the Barbarian use his Dark Cloud attack, Percimol's power won't work anymore on him because he won't have water spells printed anymore).

When a piece is KOed, the DR assigned to it, if covered, must not be revealed. They are discarded without revealing them.

Merkator's power doesn't work with Djaul's Black Humor spell; the wounds are exchanged, not inflicted, so Merkator's power don't limit them to 3.



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