Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

3D Krosmater Online Beta - Patch Note 0.99

On May 26th, the following changes have been made to Krosmaster Arena.

New content

  • The Dark Heroes join the party, as well as Dark Vlad – Karnated, Ogrest – Child and Yugo – Unelashed! These nine new figurines are now available in game. To get them, either enter the relevant online code on our website, of find them randomly in a Standard Krosbox.
  • A new Graveyard map has been added, using the classic design of The Pit.


  • Active character aura: from now on, Krosmasters will be highlighted by a colorful aura during their turn. For characters outside of their turn selected by clicking on the 3D model or in the timeline, a different color will be used. As a result, it is now easier to pinpoint a specific character, especially is there’s several instances of it on the battlefield.
  • Summons: they will be correctly displayed in the timeline for characters that have more than 3 summons on the field at the same time.
  • Character hub: the number of HP left on an out of turn Krosmaster will correctly be displayed.
  • Range markers: they will now appear in the character’s hub.
  • Qilby: he will now correctly give the Brotherhood tag to his allies, allowing the combo with Adamai to work as intended.
  • Pandalida: the damage displayed by her fiery breath attack will now correctly reflect the damage inflicted to the targets.
  •  Area of effect spells: the displayed damage and effects will now reflect more accurately what is really inflicted on the targets.
  • “You play first” and “You play last” tooltips will now use the right color.

Demonic Rewards

  • DR bought face down will now turn over properly.
  • A timer counting down the time allowed to give a DR to a Krosmaster will now be displayed.
  • The DR interface will now close itself when the current character’s turn is over.
  • DR given previously to a character will now be displayed correctly after a reconnection.
  • Sram Style: the health theft will be now displayed correctly for every attack under the influence of this DR.


  • If a player was disconnected while looking for a match, he will now reconnect properly.
  • Krosmasters that aren’t playable yet will be marked as such in the collection.
  • The tutorial’s third and fifth step have been slightly modified.
  • The AFK system will no longer activate during a tutorial mission.

Montag, 18. Mai 2015

New German Community Manager: Dacow

On the Role Play Convention in Cologne last weekend - Pegasus Spiele announced the new German Community Manager: its me Dacow :)

I am the contact person for German Players and Stores concerning releases and OP questions as an direct interface to Pegasus.



Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

Roleplay Convention - Cologone 16.05 - 17.05

Pegasus wird ebenfalls mit Stand vertreten sein und an beiden Tagen finde ein Krosmaster Event statt:

16.05 - Terminatot Gold Challenge:
- Besiegt den dt. Head Judge oder den Vize - Weltmeister und gewinnt einen T3
Facebook Event - Terminatot Challenge

17.05 - Krosmaster constructed Turnier:
- gewinnt ein Freilos für die dt. Meisterschaft 2015 im November
Facebook Event - Krosmaster Constructed

Das komplette Programm der RPC findet ihr hier.



Montag, 4. Mai 2015

Patch note 0.91

On May 4th, a new update for Krosmaster Arena will be deployed. Here is the list of the changes applied.
Patchnote KMA 2
The following changes have been made to Krosmaster Arena.


The Brakmar, Frigost and Xelorium arenas have been modified. They now contain less obstacles, and their position has been revised. Fighting on those maps will now feel like a whole new experience!


  • Turrets can be targeted by area of effect spells again.
  • Demonic Rewards bought secretly by your opponent now correctly appear in the fight’s log.
  • Demonic Reward’s tooltip will now correctly appear when a hidden reward is assigned to one of your Krosmasters.
  • Gain and loss of Range now correctly appear in the fight’s log.
  • Character hub: AP and MP available for the next turn will now be shown for every character who’s not currently active. It will be easier to know exactly how much AP/MP you will be able to use, and plan your next turn around it.
  • Personal-ranged spells icons now appear correctly in the tooltip.
  • AP, MP and HP will now show the right amount after a reconnection.
  • Players won’t be stuck if they try to join a match that has ended after a disconnection.
  • AP, MP and current Krosmaster indicator won’t appear over the end game interface.
  • During deployment, the game step icon will now display who will play first.
  • The Wild GG is now visible on the turn icon.
  • The animation for getting a kama has been sped up.
  • The death animation of Krosmasters has been sped up. 


  • The menu interface won’t disappear after a demand for a match using an invalid team.
  • The “accept/refuse the duel” message has been translated in all languages.
  • In ranked matches, the bonus victory icon will now be lit after 5 consecutive victories.
  • In the team management menu, scrolling has been improved and is now smoother.