Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

Get your Double Critical Map - Now

Now you and your favorite tournament host can get this very exclusiv map by ordering it directly at double critical (without the watermarks).

1x Double Critical Map (high quality print and material) - 10,00 Euro

Shipping (save in a poster roll and package):
3,90 Euro - Germany
12,00 Euro - rest EU

Shipping seem to be a bit high, but its save and insured.
As one poster roll may contain up to 15 maps feel free to order together with friends and save shipping.

Stores and tournament hosts please contact us for a special price as we want to grow the community and the OP events.

Shipping to the rest of the world on request.

to order please send a mail to
best regards


Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

Interview and News with the French / English Community Manager Dewit

French Interview of Dewit, Community Manager of Krosmaster fr/en, what is really new :
About worlds, no new country announced for next year, they aren't closed to the idea but it need a organized game : you need a national championship to have a team at world championship.
No stream in another language than english (it will need a lot of infrastructure) but they'll upload a restream in other languages

Season 3 :
foil cards for season 2 not decided yet, but if people ask a lot they'll do it.
Expansions like Frigost and maps like Not Mine  will come in new pack like Piwate Isle pack,: "1 Krosmaster + 2 maps + scenary" pack. Piwate will not be the only product like that.
Krosmaster Quest :
End July - August normally. 25 day of shipping from Vietnam to France.
Why so much delay ?
The product wasn't finished when it was announced. They take their time because the game design wasn't good enough, and they had to rework the graphical design.
Price : A bit higher than the regular Krosmaster Arena Box (announced per Ghenos at 65€)
No Krosmaster Quest online. (but Gobbal and Tofu will be online of course)
Krosmaster 3D :
Interface r edesign in progress : information should be easier to see : marker ap/mp easier to see, reward easier to use
C# used for Unity, Java utilised for server
Between 10 and 12 people are working on 3D : 4-5 people on programmation, and other on 3D design
Update of the game will be available at the same time on ipad/tablet and pc : which mean they'll have to take a bit more time to update things
Tablet version will not be availaible in betatest : they focus on PC version for the moment.
IOs and Android focused : Windows version later
Chat => they hear gamers, normally chat will be availaible in few updates
Spectator mod => They think about it
Tournament online => They like the idea
New maps will be released : 6 maps available in ranked + tapped version.
No map designer possible.
No released date for the end of the beta test, they don't have deadline

Source and Translation: Wendig0

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015

Map Update in Le Taktikor of Big Bad

Update of "Le Taktikor of Big Bad", very useful tool used to work on your deployment. New map online + piwate are implanted, even the tapped version of each map which will be implanted in the future patch.
Have fun !

Source: Wendig0

Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

Origins Summer Preview: Krosmaster Quest

The Dice Tower talks to Japanime Games about this upcoming board game

Recorded at Origins Game Fair



Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

Duel Pack 3 - Anathar Spoiler

Boca Demoniaca:
«Breath» area of effect. +1 to targeted Krosmaster.

Source: Last Level Distribution