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Interview and News with the French / English Community Manager Dewit

French Interview of Dewit, Community Manager of Krosmaster fr/en, what is really new :
About worlds, no new country announced for next year, they aren't closed to the idea but it need a organized game : you need a national championship to have a team at world championship.
No stream in another language than english (it will need a lot of infrastructure) but they'll upload a restream in other languages

Season 3 :
foil cards for season 2 not decided yet, but if people ask a lot they'll do it.
Expansions like Frigost and maps like Not Mine  will come in new pack like Piwate Isle pack,: "1 Krosmaster + 2 maps + scenary" pack. Piwate will not be the only product like that.
Krosmaster Quest :
End July - August normally. 25 day of shipping from Vietnam to France.
Why so much delay ?
The product wasn't finished when it was announced. They take their time because the game design wasn't good enough, and they had to rework the graphical design.
Price : A bit higher than the regular Krosmaster Arena Box (announced per Ghenos at 65€)
No Krosmaster Quest online. (but Gobbal and Tofu will be online of course)
Krosmaster 3D :
Interface r edesign in progress : information should be easier to see : marker ap/mp easier to see, reward easier to use
C# used for Unity, Java utilised for server
Between 10 and 12 people are working on 3D : 4-5 people on programmation, and other on 3D design
Update of the game will be available at the same time on ipad/tablet and pc : which mean they'll have to take a bit more time to update things
Tablet version will not be availaible in betatest : they focus on PC version for the moment.
IOs and Android focused : Windows version later
Chat => they hear gamers, normally chat will be availaible in few updates
Spectator mod => They think about it
Tournament online => They like the idea
New maps will be released : 6 maps available in ranked + tapped version.
No map designer possible.
No released date for the end of the beta test, they don't have deadline

Source and Translation: Wendig0

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