Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

Map nationals 2015


Note that this map is accompanied by a special rule. You will notice that it contains a number of boxes "fog" that will force you to reflect upon your games ... Here's their exact effect:

A check Clear Line of Sight discomfort and is considered a free space. PO MAX Spells changeable range of a Game Piece on this box Fog is reduced by 1 square.

Our game designer [Nuuh] has prepared some examples to better understand their functioning.

Sam Hyrrit has an attack with a range from January to March editable. It can not target Dragoeth because a fog box (blocking his line of sight) is located between them. He can not Cléophée target because its OP is reduced to a point by being itself a fog box. By cons, it can target three Kanniball Jav normally, the fog will not block line of sight in this situation.

You know almost everything on the CDF! Shortly, we will provide you the latest details about the championship: the organization of the tournament, schedules and prizes to win. Until then, practice on the new map, and good luck to you!

Translation with google translator.

well = tree, barrel = box, graves = bush



Source: Ankama [FR]

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