Montag, 23. November 2015

US Nationals 2015 - Top 16 Teams

Congrats to the Top 16 USA National Champions from BoardGameGeek Con 2016!

1 Thomas Crombie: Harry Sah, Black Crow, Moe Lawr, Moe Lahr, Kivin

2 Randy Navarro: Malee Bahrum, Emma Sacre, Phaeris, Poochan, Kivin

3 Joshua Hipster: Gein, Phaeris, Chrissy Entrinch, Kivin, Steamy Wonder

4 Jeremie Maurina: Malee Bahrum, Poochan, Emma Sacre, Phaeris, Kivin

5 Mike Caldwell: Luk Ylook, Poochan, Malee Buhrum, Ayan, Fern Sock'em, Kivin

6 Jay Adkins: Anna Tommy, Katar, Coa Gulary, Fern Sock'em, Steamy Wonder

7 Shaun Herschbach: Gein, Ghett , Phaeris, Steamy Wonder

8 Travis Dunk: Kanniball Jav, Coa Gulary, Poochan, Phaeris, Ayan, Black Crow

9 Paul Niederer: Ghett , Gein, Kivin, Steamy Wonder

10 Ian Burk: Doo Rex, Theo, Lou, Phaeris

11 Kevin Krupnick: Count Frigost, Coa Gulary, Poochan, Phaeris, Quentin Flush, Steamy Wonder, 

12 Mike Anderson: Yugo, Cleome, Luk Ylook, Coa Gulary, Phaeris, Moe Lawr, Mike Locke, Kivin

13 William Hill: Ghett , Emma Sacre, Coa Gulary, Coa Gulary, Ayan

14 Eric Dietsch: Makum Bah, Diver Birel, Diver Birel, Henual

15 Corey Allen: Remington Smisse, Srammy, Boo Ming, Coa Gulary, Di Curey, Phaeris

16 Joshua Brown: Luk Ylook, Phaeris, Coa Gulary, Coa Gulary, Fern Sock'em, Poochan, Shaka Shaka



Donnerstag, 19. November 2015

Krosmaster Arena 2.0 - Spoiler Pics

Looking at the stat cards it seems that all krosmaster in the new base game are level 2 or 4.

Demonic rewards are completly new and are now diveded in new piles:
3x 3 kama rewards
2x 6 kama rewards
1x 9? kama rewards

We can expect that the randomness and the impact of the demonic rewards will be way less then before.

statis crystal anyone ..... :D



Krosmaster 2.0 - Base Game

Expect 8 new Krosmaster fighting on new basegame maps in the city of bonta - furthe more see new more balanced demonic rewards coming up.



German Nationals Top 32 Teams

Thanks Teilzeithelden for the team list.



Dienstag, 17. November 2015

German Nationals 2015 - Final Match - Emma Sacre vs. Black Crow

 Here is the final game after 11 hours of krosmaster on day 2 between Marc Lallemand (Emma) and Wadim Reiche (Black Crow).



Montag, 16. November 2015