Montag, 23. November 2015

US Nationals 2015 - Top 16 Teams

Congrats to the Top 16 USA National Champions from BoardGameGeek Con 2016!

1 Thomas Crombie: Harry Sah, Black Crow, Moe Lawr, Moe Lahr, Kivin

2 Randy Navarro: Malee Bahrum, Emma Sacre, Phaeris, Poochan, Kivin

3 Joshua Hipster: Gein, Phaeris, Chrissy Entrinch, Kivin, Steamy Wonder

4 Jeremie Maurina: Malee Bahrum, Poochan, Emma Sacre, Phaeris, Kivin

5 Mike Caldwell: Luk Ylook, Poochan, Malee Buhrum, Ayan, Fern Sock'em, Kivin

6 Jay Adkins: Anna Tommy, Katar, Coa Gulary, Fern Sock'em, Steamy Wonder

7 Shaun Herschbach: Gein, Ghett , Phaeris, Steamy Wonder

8 Travis Dunk: Kanniball Jav, Coa Gulary, Poochan, Phaeris, Ayan, Black Crow

9 Paul Niederer: Ghett , Gein, Kivin, Steamy Wonder

10 Ian Burk: Doo Rex, Theo, Lou, Phaeris

11 Kevin Krupnick: Count Frigost, Coa Gulary, Poochan, Phaeris, Quentin Flush, Steamy Wonder, 

12 Mike Anderson: Yugo, Cleome, Luk Ylook, Coa Gulary, Phaeris, Moe Lawr, Mike Locke, Kivin

13 William Hill: Ghett , Emma Sacre, Coa Gulary, Coa Gulary, Ayan

14 Eric Dietsch: Makum Bah, Diver Birel, Diver Birel, Henual

15 Corey Allen: Remington Smisse, Srammy, Boo Ming, Coa Gulary, Di Curey, Phaeris

16 Joshua Brown: Luk Ylook, Phaeris, Coa Gulary, Coa Gulary, Fern Sock'em, Poochan, Shaka Shaka




Milko D hat gesagt…

Hi, in the team 8 one LV1 is missing.

Anonym hat gesagt…

4 of the Top 8 were from a single group "DFW Krosmasters" (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas)
We had 7 of the Top 16 as well. The group works hard to be the best in the US.

William Hill hat gesagt…

Hello, I am William and I placed thirteenth. I like to call my team "the old couple" for Ghett and Emma. This is the "rowdy kids" variation.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Mike Anderson had to forfeit due to illness. So his ranking is not necessarily reflective of the quality of his team.

Just FYI for those who plan to over analyze!