Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

Tactical Series - Episode #1 Krosmaster Arena: Tournament Preparation


In this short Episode we talk about tournament preparation with the german nationals 2014 as an example.

The first English episode so please dont be so harsh with grammar etc :D

Read results and reviews from Day 1 and Day 2

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Dienstag, 26. Januar 2016

Team Double Critical - Tactical Series

This week we will start with our new article series "DC - Tactical Series", in short episodes approx. 5-10 minutes - we want to talk about strategy, tactic, teams, tipps and tricks etc. in the Krosmaster Universe.

If you would like to have a special topic covered please send your suggestion to:

You will find the videos on our youtube channel and they will be posted as news here.
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Freitag, 22. Januar 2016

Krosmaster 2.0 - new maps and rewards

Whenever there’s a new set, there’s maps to come with it. Taking on the legacy of the two original maps, the Elemental Arena and The Pit, we have included two new maps with entirely new game design. They’re no slouch on the graphical side of things, as these two superb maps represent a crossroad and a marketplace of Bonta. Take a look!

After a few years of existence and thousands of matches, it’s quite clear that Demonic Rewards have a major impact on the game. Some of them are able to secure a win if they’re activated at the right moment, while others are underappreciated and rarely used by the players… An important rework was due. So much that only 2 Demonic Rewards from the original set are still in the new one!

Which means the box will contain 60 new Rewards (well, actually, 58!): 30 Granite DR, 20 Jade and 10 Silver, the latter replacing the Gold grade of DR and costing only 9 kamas. They will be divided in piles of 10 DR each, in order to show the players 3 Granite, 2 Jade and only 1 Silver. It’s still possible to buy face-down rewards, of course.

Our objective was to make new DR easier to use and beneficial to a greater number of Krosmasters, but also less powerful in order to avoid the dreaded “I draw, I win” situation. As a result, damage bonuses will be less important, but resistance and healing as well; permanent items are now confined to the most expensive type of DR, and many weapons can be used only once per turn.

On the flipside, we have created interesting and fun new things which will open new tactical options to the players. Here’s a sample: a DR present multiple times in the set, new spells to be used once and discarded, a DR which allow the Krosmaster to throw bombs, buffs affecting two elements at once…

A new category of DR has also been added to the set: Techniques. They’re bought and used like other rewards, but don’t take any slot once they’re activated. What they do is adding a new secondary effect… to the Krosmaster’s Punch attack! And if you activate more than one Technique on the same character, their effects are cumulative! You can create funny and effective combos with the right use of this stuff.



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Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

Julith and Lilota - Krosmaster 2.0 Spoiler

The occasion was too good not to take: the new rules book will now contain up to date rules, including every change that was made in the past three years. New players will fit right in! To give you an idea, here’s a short list of the effective changes: season 2 Critical rules, summons limit, Bosses, progressive reveal of Demonic Rewards, 3 characters minimum per team, Unfazed, a bunch of new keywords…

While we were at it, we’ve also added a couple more tweaks to the rules to improve the game even further. Without getting into too much details, here’s a quick summary:
  • New Lock rule: Lock will now trigger more frequently than before, but its effects will be less severe for the affected Krosmaster. In general, this means Lock has been buffed and becomes an important matter in the arena.
  • New Tension roll: everyone has lost at least one game to a “straight double” on the tension roll… Now, players will be able to ignore this situation, but at the cost of receiving less bonuses from the roll.
  • Simplified classification: the difference between games pieces like allies, summoned mobs, or mechanisms, felt a bit muddy and confusing to some players. We’ve created a new classification to make this aspect easier to understand.



Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016