Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

Organized play: what’s new for 2016

The 2016-2017 season of Krosmaster’s Organized play is about to begin. This year, QTs and national championships may open the gates of the World Championship for you!

Hello everyone! It’s time for us to talk a bit about tournaments in the coming year.

The new organized play season will begin in March 2016. For local tournaments, no changes on the horizon, with the exception of new prize kits, of course.

However, for bigger, more important tournaments, there will be some changes. We have prepared a brand new system that will give to the best players the ticket for the most prestigious tournament…

We will set a new ranking system, parallel to the current ladder, exclusively for organized play. To get points in this ladder, you will have to participate in QT (Qualifier Tournaments) or National Championships. The rankings will be international and allow players from all around the world to compete.

Every country which has an organized play structure in place can host 5 QT and 1 national championship during the season. QTs will accept players from all countries, with no restrictions. Countries dependent from another organized play structure (like Switzerland and Belgium, depending on the French championship) will be allowed 1 QT.

To qualify as a QT, a tournament must: have at least 32 contestants, be announced at least 15 days before the date on the official Krosmaster’s forums, and their results must be send directly to [Lescart] who will process the new ladder from it.

Every QT will offer the same prizes all over the world, but a small fee will be asked from the players to cover the cost of those prizes.

Participate in, or even better, winning one of those QT will give the players points in the new ladder, accordingly to their success:
  • Winner: 15 points
  • Second place: 8 points
  • 3rd to 4th place: 5 points
  • 5th to 8th place: 3 points
  • All other players: 1 point

National championships will also give out points, but in slightly bigger bulk, as it is appropriate for such important events:
  • Winner: 40 points
  • Second place: 20 points
  • 3rd to 4th place: 10 points
  • 5th to 8th place: 6 points
  • 9th to 16th place: 4 points
  • 17th to 32nd place: 2 points
  • All other players: 1 point

All QTs must take place between March 1st and October 31st; once the season is complete, the rankings will be locked and the top 48 players will be qualified for the Krosmaster World Championship 2017!

“Wait, 2017? What happened to 2016?” are you probably saying right now. We’re currently studying and organizing the event, and as soon as we have info to share about it, you will be informed, we promise.

Krosmaster’s 2016-2017 season will start pretty soon! For your demands of QT organization and any question you may have, please contact [Lescart] by Ankabox messaging. Until then, start your training, the competition will be harsh this year!

Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016

Developer's note: Straight Doubles

Hello everyone! I’ve said before that I would write more articles on Krosmaster and its development from time to time. A new year has come since, I’m full of good resolutions, so let’s use the coming of Krosmaster Arena 2.0 as a good occasion to write articles (or at least… one article!).

Today, we’ll talk about a somewhat frustrating aspect of the game that I like to call a straight double: when both dice of the Tension Roll give you the same side without any way to avoid it.

The most striking effect of a straight double is when it happens on the last turn, where you could have won the game, but you only have one GG left. Wham! An entire hour of gameplay decided in a single die roll!

We’re making a gross oversimplification here, of course, but the frustration is quite real: when I talk to other players about their gaming experience, this is what they tell me about the most and what leaves the biggest (negative) impact on their memory of the game. It’s not the only situation where a straight double impacts the game, but it’s the most obvious one.

You’ll probably hear this often in these columns, but Krosmaster is played on a small amount of turns. Online, 90% of games end before turn 6. If you’re curious, here’s a graph showing the percentage of game which ends on a defined turn.

Doubles on tension rolls (and straight doubles by extension) obviously have their uses in the game mechanic, for example, making sure the game will have an end by reducing the gap required to win.

At the start of a game, a player needs to get 7 GG to win over his opponent. By getting doubles on the tension roll, this number shrinks: for instance, with two doubles out and the wild GG on your side, you only need to earn 4 more GGs to win. Doubles help players to get their victory condition quicker.

Another use that we shouldn’t forget is that tension rolls makes the game more dynamic, by injecting either kamas or temporary powers every turn.

Let’s get back to straight doubles. We have researched multiple alternatives to get rid of the frustrating aspect of this rule. Some of these alternatives demanded a complete rework of the GG system. Players would start with 10 to 12 GGs, which were taken away automatically as the game progressed. No more need for doubles to end the game! And to keep the engine working, different ways were offered to the players to get kamas and powers without the tension roll.

However, this idea was scrapped, because such a drastic change in the game’s rules would present a substantial risk of alienating the existing player base. We needed to find something less severe, which wouldn’t impact the mechanics as much.

For example, here are a few other alternatives that were considered:

  • Straight doubles won’t remove GGs anymore, but have other effects instead. While a seasoned player could transit to this paradigm easily enough, it proved to be too much of a barrier for newcomers, which had to learn what doubles could do and why, in a rather counter-intuitive way. The idea was later scrapped.
  • Doubles cannot remove any player’s last GG. While interesting, this idea had the problem to give a complete immunity to a negative effect, without any counterpart. It removed a lot of pressure for dominated players, and was scrapped as well.
  • Straight doubles cannot remove GGs if this would cause the game to end. This rule was clunky at best, and required to stop and backtrack during the turn to apply it, which wasn’t optimal as far as the flow of the game is concerned.

Many other ideas floated around, none of them interesting enough to convince us. Until we finally found the rule we use for Krosmaster Arena 2.0, and which will become official in tournaments a bit later.

Here it is:

Whenever you roll for tension, if the results doesn’t suit you, you may decide to reroll, but with only one die.

Example: My roll has given me double Locks, but I don’t want a double right now, so I decide to reroll. In this case, my first roll is ignored, and I roll only one die for the new tension.

Players won’t have to suffer the negative effects of the roll if they don’t want to, but as a result, they get only one die, which means either one power or a single kama.

When someone on the team gave that idea, something lit up in my head, and further tests confirmed my first impression.

This idea as a lot going for it:

  • It solves the original problem, which was kind of the point and we sometimes tend to forget it.
  • It’s easy to use. It’s not a boon on the active player, but a new option instead, almost a luxury, which proved to be really easy to understand. Usually, there’s no big dilemma when the situation arises.
  • It fits perfectly in the existing turn structure and doesn’t change the well-established “Roll for tension, give out inspiration, characters play” dynamic. It also doesn’t affect how GGs work, which was required at this point of development.
  • It’s not used only to get rid of straight doubles. If a player really needs a Critical or Lock power this turn, he can try to force his luck and reroll to get the desired power.
  • It’s doesn’t slow the game down. It’s not used all the time, and impacts the game’s rhythm very little.

There you have it, we just showed you a part of the process we follow to design this rule you will soon play with.

Nuuh, Game Designer for Krosmaster

PS: if you enjoy this kind of column, then I might make more in the future.

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

Krosmaster Arena 2.0 Basegame - Unboxing Pictures

Thanks @ Kerbu



Patch 1.9 - Let the Krolossium begin!


The new Krolossium mode will now take the place of the Tournaments! You must create a team out of 20 randomly-selected Krosmasters, and battle your way through a series of 4 games… In the end, you can earn a reward containing Kroz, fragments or even whole Krosmasters every day!

Training mode

You can now train your freshly-made teams in this special mode! You can either battle a simple AI-controlled team, or lash it out against a variety of unmoving opponents to sharpen your tactics.

Krosmaster Arena 2.0 - leaked rules changes


As expected, it is now progressive like crit/armor.

- More locks than dodges ("locked") : lose 3 MPs and 3 APs, then you can move where you intended if you still have MPs left
- As many locks as dodges ("grappled") : lose 1 MP and 1 AP, then you can move where you intended if you still have MPs left
- More dodges than locks ("dodged") : same as current version, you move with no losses

Note : mobs can only grapple, even if they roll more locks than doges.


When rolling for tension at the begining of your turn, you can decide to ignore the result of the two dices and roll one single die instead. This die can then be used as usual, either to buff one character or sold for 1 kama. This basically prevents you from being robbed of your last GG on your own turn (can still happen on enemy's turn though)


Techniques are a new type of equipment that modify the basic punch spell.

- Each technique, once revealed, applies a new effect to that Krosmaster's "Punch" spell, like 1-4 range in straight line, or "breath" area of effect for example.

- Unlike other equipments, you can reveal several techniques on a single Krosmaster and their effects stack.

- Each revealed technique reduces the cost of the "Punch" spell by 1 AP, up to 0 AP cost if you have 5+ revealed techniques (Punch is still a blue spell)

- Techniques only take DR slots when they're face down. Once revealed, they stay on the krosmaster but don't take a DR slot anymore (so you can have a lvl 1 krosmaster with several face up techniques, but only one face down DR of any type at the same time).

Source: Krosmaster Tofu Alliance



Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

Krosmaster Arena - French Nationals 2015 - Final Rounds (Ankama)

Final: Jejam (Ghett+Mali) vs Neah (Queen of thieves)

Semi-Final: Jejam (Ghett+Mali) vs Gaddy (Crow Swarm)

Quarter Final: Wodan (Ninbox) vs Neah (Queen of thieves)

Eighth Final: Akros (Katar) vs Wellan Smisse (Mali Swarm)



Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

Tactical Series - Episode #2 Krosmaster Arena: Team Grampy - Economical Warfare

In this short Episode we talk about a team based on the Promo Grampy - Shopkeeper
This team brings economical warfare to another level, as i like kama control teams (queen of thieves) this guy is a blast to play.

Check it out and leave some comments


Dienstag, 2. Februar 2016

Patch 1.8.4: New Krosmasters

Discover the new figurines added with patch 1.8.4.
Patch 1.8.4 contain the following changes:

New Krosmasters

8 new Krosmasters have been added to the game. These characters come from the movie DOFUS Book I – Julith:
  • Julith
  • Bakara
  • Jahash
  • Grampy - Protector
  • Khan Karkass
  • Joris - Swashbuckler
  • Lilotte
  • Marline

These Krosmasters can be found in standard Krosboxes and (newly added) Season 4 Krosboxes, or obtained by recycling.

Bug fixes

  • Grougaloragran:
    • His AP stat will now be displayed as “- AP” instead of “0 AP”.
    • He will correctly benefits from elemental damage boost from Demonic Rewards.
    • When used with Shadow, the latter will correctly gain a “Staff” area of effect on his Cartilage spell.
    • When used with Darkli Moon and Darkness Knight, the latter will benefit from the former’s power and give 2 GG less when dying.
  • Phaeris: his power will no longer affect Turrets.
  • Srammy: his power will now correctly work when he’s attacked by a Krosmaster who’s removed from the game while casting his spell.