Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

Krosmaster Arena 2.0 - leaked rules changes


As expected, it is now progressive like crit/armor.

- More locks than dodges ("locked") : lose 3 MPs and 3 APs, then you can move where you intended if you still have MPs left
- As many locks as dodges ("grappled") : lose 1 MP and 1 AP, then you can move where you intended if you still have MPs left
- More dodges than locks ("dodged") : same as current version, you move with no losses

Note : mobs can only grapple, even if they roll more locks than doges.


When rolling for tension at the begining of your turn, you can decide to ignore the result of the two dices and roll one single die instead. This die can then be used as usual, either to buff one character or sold for 1 kama. This basically prevents you from being robbed of your last GG on your own turn (can still happen on enemy's turn though)


Techniques are a new type of equipment that modify the basic punch spell.

- Each technique, once revealed, applies a new effect to that Krosmaster's "Punch" spell, like 1-4 range in straight line, or "breath" area of effect for example.

- Unlike other equipments, you can reveal several techniques on a single Krosmaster and their effects stack.

- Each revealed technique reduces the cost of the "Punch" spell by 1 AP, up to 0 AP cost if you have 5+ revealed techniques (Punch is still a blue spell)

- Techniques only take DR slots when they're face down. Once revealed, they stay on the krosmaster but don't take a DR slot anymore (so you can have a lvl 1 krosmaster with several face up techniques, but only one face down DR of any type at the same time).

Source: Krosmaster Tofu Alliance



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