Mittwoch, 13. April 2016

World Championship 2016: a date and a place!

The greatest champions of 2015’s season will soon battle in the highest tournament possible. In a lovely place, even…

The conclusion to organized play’s 2015 season is about to come. We have the players, we have the date, and we have the place! Without further ado, here they are:

Krosmaster’s 2016 World Championship will be held in Sevilla (Spain) on July 16th 2016!

We will come back to you (and especially to all the national champions) with further information soon.  Thank you for your attention!

Krosmaster 2.0 - English rules

Here you can find the english Krosmaster 2.0 rules:

Rulebook 2.0



Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

QT Results - Italy 4.3.2016


Top Teams:

1st: Jav, 2x Koa, Poo, Phaeris, Crow, Moe, Mike
2nd: Bill, Luk, Koa, Poochan, Ayan, Moe, Mike, Kivin
3rd: Ghett, Diver , Phaeris, 2x Moe, Mike, Steamy 
4th: Billl, Luk, Koa, Poochan, Ayan, Moe, Mike, Kivin 5th: 2x Koa, Srammy, Poochan, Phaeris, Merkator
6th: Capitan Amakna, Poochan, Remington
7th: Bill, Luk, Koa, Poochan, Ayan, Moe, Mike, Kivin
8th: Yugo, Cleo, Luk, 2x Koa, Moe, Mike, Fern Sockem

Source: Off. IT Forum



Dienstag, 5. April 2016

Prizes for questions!

The Outerworld has been in uproar ever since it became possible to play on both your computer and tablet using the same account! But now you need a bit of peace and quiet so you can mull over the following all-important question: how well do you know Krosmaster? Send us your answers and win yourself some prizes!
Krosmaster coming to tablets is worth celebrating! All you need to do today is just answer a few multiple choice questions, which you’ll find if you follow this link, to win one of the prizes here!
  • The eight figurines from the Dofus film (Joris, Grampy, Lilotte, Khan, Julith, Bakara, Jahash and Marline) will be awarded to the player whose answer to the tiebreaker is closest to the correct answer (and who obviously answered the other questions correctly!)
  • Five Season 3 Krosboxes to reward each of the next 50 players who are closest to correctly answering the tiebreaker.
  • And finally, a standard box will go to all entrants who answered the first four questions correctly.
The questionnaire is waiting for you. You have up until Mondayy, April 11th (included) to try your luck!