Montag, 30. Mai 2016

1st QT Germany - 28.05.2016 in Cologne

1st QT Germany - 28.05.2016 in Cologne

Top 16:

1. André: Der Schwarze Rabe, Steamy Wonder, Ingo Oltzahn, Poochan, Liane Volly, Phaeris, Promo:
Arthur Bine

2. Hassen: Rückzutritt, Poochan, Ayan, Phaeris, Kivin, Promo: Arthur Bine

3. Jeromé: Rückzutritt, Poochan, Phaeris, Kivin, Liane Volly, Uri Krewl, Promo: Ruel Struut

4. Sebastién: Thio, Ayan, Ayan, Kivin, Promo: Ed Elgas

5. Sebastian: Luki Luki, Koa Gulia, Poochan, Ayan, Liane, Uri Krewl, Phaeris, Promo: Tristamax

6. Franco: Rückzutritt, Poochan, Ayan, Phaeris, Steamy Wonder, Promo: Dark Vlad Mount

7. Sven: Yago junger König, Poochan, Ayan, Kivin, Kivin, Promo: Arty

8. Thomas: Lou, Merkator, Kivin, Promo: Tristamax

9. Robin: Lou, Merkator, Liane Volly, Promo: Joris Master

10. Viviana: Anna Tommy, Koa Gulia, Grougaloragran, Emma Sacker, Promo: Arty

11. Joris: Graf Frigost, Ayan, Kivin, Promo: Ed Elgas

12. Christina: Luki luki, Emma Sacker, Katsu Mee, Promo: Arthur Bine

13. Alain: Poochan, Mali Buh, Phaeris, Ayan, Promo: Dark Vlad Mount

14. Patrick: Kriss Krass, Goultard, Promo: Ed Elgas

15. Lars: kivin, Poochan, Quentin, Phaeris, Liane Volly, Hanur Armein, Ayan, Promo: Ed Elgas

16. Kevin-Martin: Srammy, Königin der Diebe, Phaeris, Ingo Oltzahn, Quentin Flush, Promo: Grampy Shopkeeper



Montag, 23. Mai 2016

Making of "Dangerous Crocodiles" - The new map by Team Double Critical

We recorded every production step and included it in a youtube video:

- Drawing in Adobe Photoshop
- Final printing
- First game

Special rule for this map:



Special ability:

Every player starts with 5 bridge tiles in his pool.
Every krosmaster can cast "Whack a croco" as long as you have bridges.
Crocodile cells are like bush fields which cant be targeted ( like lava).
Once you cast "Whack a croco" you place the Bridge tile on the crocodile the field
is now a free cell.



Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016

New Double Critical map - Dangerous Crocodiles

We did it again! Our second map is just being printed. We will spoiler and tease you till we receive the printed version.

Here are the first puzzle parts:



Amazon: Pegasus Spiele Krosmaster Deals

Auf Amazon sind ein paar nette Krosmaster Angebote von Pegasus zu finden:

Und einiges mehr...

cheers Dacow

Montag, 9. Mai 2016

Worlds 2016 map: Moon Island

As it is now traditional, we will use a new map for the Championship. Although you might have seen it before if you’ve played the online game… This year, we will use Moon Island’s asymmetrical map, which you can find below: