Dienstag, 16. August 2016

From Russia with love....to Krosmaster

 Greetings from Russia to you Masters of Krosmaster!

Russian community of Krosmaster: Arena is joining double-critical today, and we are going to introduce the community.

The mane base of the community is new.vk.com/kmarussia and KMR (Krosmaster Russia) has been running all kinds of events on regular basis: demogames, tournaments, competitions and even our love and the event that make us most proud - the League (we'll be telling about this event in detail soon, so every community could see if it could do for them) for two years already.

Russian players are regular visitors of elite top places in online version and we could bet could do no worse in World Championship, but for now we do not have qualifiers and nationals, but tthe community is on the way to it.

So, from KMR we'd like to greet you all! See forward to our reviews and tactics!

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