Donnerstag, 18. August 2016

Russian - newbie tournament for beginners

Greetings to you Masters of Krosmaster!
This is Warpstone with some news from the recent tournament for Russian newbies. The event was aimed at preparing the community for the upcomming tournament season and only players who have not yet won any Russian tornaments were allowed to participate, 12 in total.

4 swiss rounds gave us definite winners:
1. Ilya's classic "Katar swap" with a classic approach to spam tentckes on your side of the board and win by repositioning Katar and enemies by anna Tommy
2. Maxim with a fast and furious team made of Gein and Doo Rex, these guys are just too resilient and hit really hard
3. Dmitry with Count Frigost assisted by Arthur Bine team, a really versatile combination of characters able to do almost anything.


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