Montag, 29. August 2016

Krosmaster 2.0 First impressions

Greetings Masters of Krosmaster, this is Warpstone and today we have a little overview of what awaits us this autumn.

Recently a box came here to Moscow, the letters on the box said Krosmaster Arena 2.0
I think no one need clarification on the changes in the rules as everyone had an opportunity to both read about them here and study the 2.0 rulebook.
So we had a game skipping the tutorial section of the rulebook (which is made similar to the previous version where you learn to play step by step) and divided the teams as the rulebook advised: Julith, Grampy-protector, Lilotte and Khan Karkass versus Jahash, Bakara, Marline and Joris-swashbuckler.

*The new arena: absolutely new twosided board. The side we played on is densely packed with losblocking Market stands (trees) in the center.

*The new DR: when the DR were revealed we had only one question “what did we collect kamas for?”.
The new rewards seem much weaker than the previous versions. But while playing you get an insight – no more Kivins critting you for 4 damage without being damaged back! 9-kama reward give you +1AP and +1MP so no more dofuses for +3AP and extra attacks for that. The rewards balance the game and make it more predictable. Every player had a Stasis crystal topdecked against him – so no more of that.

*The new game: So team Julith advanced rapidly as Julith herself teleported and moved and Grampy was pushed by Karkass and buffed by Lilotte. Grampy was solely purposed to give Joris -2AP each round so that the little swashbuckler could not hit Julith hard.
As soon as Jahash moved out he was KOed and the game was decided.
So the teams seem a little unbalanced for the base game as team Julith has all the instrumentalities to rapidly move around and deal damage where needed while debuffing the opponents and block their paths with a summoned Fleeflee.

*The new Krosmasters
Julith – really high initiative and HP, really fast movement, teleporting without any risk of lock, tons of damage. Thanks ankama she’s unfazed and thus cannot be buffed but her plzce is in the boss list.
Jahash – tough guy with a really nice close combat potential but a boss.
Grampy – Protector – unexpectedly a really great and Versatile Krosmaster able to summon a mob, debuff AP (the mop debuffs MP), swap places with other characters and a crafter as well!
Bakara – a new Kitty Rage with a range of 3-7 cells who is not a boss and can be buffed by Henual for example and do three devastating fire attacks with intelligence.
Lilotte – the only lvl 2 healer we have, healing also buffs range and Lilotte herself is quite fast due to her first spell.
Khan Karkass – is a substitute to Luk Ylook or any other pusher you have. He pushes 2 cells and gives +1 MP. Besides he has earth resistance and 8 HP which is far too much for a lvl 2.
Marline – this seems like a flashback to season 3 – we didn’t find any use to her. So if you have any ideas on using Marline welcome to the comments.
Joris – Swashbuckler – This little guy may be used as a pusher or as a killer of anything he can’t push (unfased are his favourite).

The quality of the figures is much better as there are more intricate and small details on them. The terrain became a little bigger and much nicer. So we are waiting for all this to be implemented.

See ya.

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