Montag, 26. September 2016

Russian community birthday tournament

Greetings Masters of Krosmaster. This is Warpstone and I'd like to give a small review of the tourament we had here in Moscow on September 18.
We had the Krosmaster-Russia community birthday (it's two years already).

The event was really special. 24 players, tons of prizes additional challenges like Ecaflip coin-tossing contest and a Quiz.

Five rounds gave us the winners who left behind all those notorious merk-push and light crow lists

Egor Rudko took the first prize with a really custom team to be proud of. The second was taken by 
a dull Kitty Rage list in the hands of Yury Mityanin and the third was taken by Yury Andreev - a player from Saint Petersbourg.

The celebration didn't end on that and we had a crosmaster cake with a special coctail made by the venue for the occasion.

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