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Season 4 teams. What awaits us in future tournament play?

Greetings Masters of Krosmaster, this is Warpstone and with all the Season 4 spoilers revealed, it’s time to speculate on the teams that we’re going to see in the nearest future. The ideas below were made up by Krosmaster-Russia.

All the new Chafers possess an ability called “Heritage” that buffs Krosmasters next in the Timeline if the ability’s owner is K.O.’d. Since all Chafers are Initiative 3, we can combine them in any order we like to form a new tribal team.
Like this:

Every K.O.’d Chafer will give double buffs: first to the next Krosmaster in the Timeline due to the Heritage ability; then to the Elite Chafer due to the latter’s “Massacre” ability. The actual team composition is up to individual playstyles as long as it’s a proper Chafer swarm. Then again, the role of “the tentpole” is not exclusive to the Elite Chafer: any strong level 3 non-Boss Krosmaster will do the trick. The ideal options would be:

By switching out Chafer Archers for level 1 Chafers and adding mobility characters (think pushers and Poochan) into the mix, we get a strong team that’s not afraid to lose a Krosmaster or two.

The last two levels are best filled with mobility characters:

Or alternate damage dealers:

Our favourite friends Yugo and Cleophee will be glad to look at the new Ninbox variant:

This is where things get really versatile. The basic idea is to take two Hazwonarms, add 4 level 1 Chafers (Lancer, Foot Soldier or Boomba in any legal combinations), then invite a level 3 or 4 to the party. Good choices are any level 3 or 4 Krosmasters that get an extra attack out of +2 AP. If you choose a level 3, add either another level 1 Chafer or Grougaloragran – Old if there are no Bosses on the team yet.
The Hazwonarms can buff up to four level 1 Chafers for +1 AP/+1 MP or two Chafers for +2 AP/+2 MP or also buff the expensive figure for +2 AP. Ideal candidates are Buck Anear and Lord Crow since they can fully utilize the Hazwonarm buffs.

Choosing Grampy or Mopy King will add to the already respectable mobility of the team. Good level 1’s to pair with a level 3 main character are Kivin, Steamy Wonder or the new Puny Vampire.
The new Lord Crow adds an interesting twist to the popular HarryCrow team (known to American players as Dirty Harry).

Take Lord Crow and Harry Sah for the ultimate ability to summon and buff Armored mobs. Just these two Krosmasters give you both Farmer and Crafter for added economic advantage. The rest of the team may be filled with control characters (think Phaeris, Puny Vampire, Moe Lawr, Steamy Wonder) or added damage with low-level Chafer.
A single Hazwonarm will speed up the Lord’s Crobak summoning as well. Grim Preacher would also seriously buff both the Crobaks and the Pink Dragoone.

“Light-“ teams brought to prominence by the infamous Light Crow swarm is getting a new summoning favourite with Sphincter Cell (any level 1’s aside from Poochan and Phaeris are optional)

The Mopy King has already been named “Anna Tommy 2.0”. For a level increase he gets extra MP, AP and HP, Dodge (which is going to matter with the new Lock rules) and a pushing ability. He’s also a good substitute for Anna in the popular Queen Swap due to high Initiative.

Rex 2.0
Also due to his Initiative the King literally begs to play pusher for Doo Rex. Not only can the King keep up with the quick-footed Feca in the mid-field, he’s also unlikely to harm him through the All Resistance. Lou is a traditional Doo Rex buffer, but can easily be swapped for more damaging characters, since we have the King for positioning.

For a more versatile team, swap Mopy King for Persee Phore (who also goes before Doo Rex!) to open up some team slots.

Teams based on Moon get built on the same principle:

Total control
Vampires are masterful at controlling the enemy: Master Vampire denies attacks on himself and jumps around no worse than Cleophee; Puny Vampire denies healing. The pair can seriously unnerve, say, Merkator, Katar or Malee Buhrum.
Other debuffers like Gett Outtadier, Nox or Raul Bak nicely compliment the fanged guys’ skills: a team with Master Vampire and few Krosmasters might dominate tentpole teams.
Also, Master Vampire is a good opportunity to field either Igar Dlador or Ira Tayte for added control options.

The popular OpaTeam worked because Henual gives Diver Birel an extra attack. Both combine well with Skidmonk: the +AP lets the Monk attack twice, while the Living Shovel can stop him from launching himself at the enemy when using “Here we Go!”. One Diver and Kivin may be swapped for Mopy King for better positioning or for Sphincter Cell for better battlefield control. 

The Nun is a very controversial character: she doesn’t do much damage, is a boss and debuffs her own allies. Still, she can also heavily debuff enemies and combos well with Krosmasters in possession of “extra” AP, yet starving for MP: Darkli Moon, Mike Locke, Khan Karkass, Marline, Joris–Master, Ayan, Diver Birel.
Every turn you can throw a Tombstone at the enemy together with one of the damagers. The damager then gets -1AP/+1MP, hits someone and runs away. Rinse, repeat, Yo-Yo. Highlights include Marline and Mike Locke, who could massively debuff enemies before running away. Joris-Master utilizes a somewhat different mechanic, but is capable of hitting like a truck with his second spell and the Tombstone’s extra MP.
After two turns of Yo-Yo-ing the enemy, the Nun can hit “Pressure Buttomb” and advance to lay down some serious AoE hurt.

What ideas do you have on future team composition?


Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice Look to the new Krosmaster. But some Teams only for Fun ;)

I like Kity with Grim Preacher Maybe the other 5 Poins Arthur Bine und Khan Karkas

Then i see Julith Swarm

Sphincter Cell + The Nun + 3 1point (phaeris, Mike Locker, Liane Volly)

and some more and in my opinion The Nun can do massiv damage

Anonym hat gesagt…

You forgot a Monks and Remington Team: 2x grim preacher, 1x lvl 3 Monk, Remington. The grim preacher Can Position für krosmaster, the lvl 3 Finish One, and then Remington Can Deal up to 11 dmg with Pulsar!